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We are happy to announce the first information about 3rd Education Conference "Motivate and Attract Students to Science". It will take place in Cologne (Germany) on 28-30th September 2016.

The aim of the conference is to share the results of almost 3 years MASS-project work on collecting best practices in the use of attractive and effective tools and methods of science teaching at schools, as well as to improve science teaching practice by providing a range of training and classroom materials, tools and methodologies.

The conference will gather experts in the field of education, teaching, training, and applied science from different European countries. The Agenda will include plenary sessions, workshops, poster sessions and practical trainings.

Call for special sessions and abstracts for presentations and posters will follow.

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First invitation for the Conference .pdf

See for yourself why it's worth coming to the MASS Conference! See summary video of the 2nd MASS Conference which took place in Warsaw, Nov 2015.