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Flora - Decision on the New Road
Working Group:Science through digital learningCountry:CyprusLanguages:English, GreekAge of students (target group/s):13-14, 15-18Links, resources:
Contact person information:Cyprus Center for Environmental Research and Education
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The specific learning material is organized in three stages which include Scenario, Inquiry and Decision-making.
Stage 1 - Scenario
The village of Iliaktida is located in a beautiful valley between two mountains. Recently, a very important issue raised the concern of the people who live in the village. The residential area of the village has expanded in another area, making the distance between home and school longer. Students and parents have to now travel longer distances to reach the school. They decided to build a new road that will enable them to commute faster.
Τhe residents of the village would like to see a new road being built that would minimize the distance between their homes and the school. In order to build the new road, they need to overcome a major problem. They have to come up with a decision from which pathway should the road pass.

Stage 2 – Inquiry
What is the issue that concerns the residents of Iliaktida village?

Stage 3 - Decision-making
The residents of the village have to decide which pathway is the optimum one for constructing the new road.
Your task is to write an article stating the decision your team has made which will help the residents of the village make their own decision.
Writing the article:
Suggest which pathway should be chosen by the residents.
Using elaborated arguments, try to convince the residents why they should choose the pathway you suggest.
Using strong arguments, explain the reasons that made you reject all other possible pathways.
Research guidelines:
To be able to make a decision of such importance, it is imperative that you study carefully all the data regarding the area of Iliaktida village as well as all possible pathways.
Additionally, you can gather information from informative tv shows,newscasts, scientific journals and newspaper articles which you will find in the library.Strong points and opportunities:• Activates the motives of students
• Raises the interest and participation of low-achieving students
• Relates to the everyday life of students
• Relates to current events
• Raises the self-confidence of students
• Cooperative learning
• Incorporates ICT in the learning procedureLimitations:• Structured Inquiry
The structured inquiry is considered that it has a level of weakness because it limits the degree of self-acting and ownership of students and teachers. However structured inquiry is considered the optimum educational approach if the teachers and students are not fully prepared to implement an open inquiry.Added value with regards to the 3 topics of the MASS project:• Activates the motives of students
• Raises the interest and participation of low-achieving students
• Utilizes technology and can address digital learners