Best YouTube Teachers
Working Group:Science through digital learningCountry:NetherlandsLanguages:DutchAge of students (target group/s):13-14, 15-18Links, resources:
Several Dutch teachers share their knowledge via YouTube. The items of the most popular teachers are not only used by their own students, but are watched throughout the entire country.
Some of the teachers use cartoons or a Prezi, others film themselves while explaining a topic or a chapter from a school book. In the top 10 list of most popular YouTube teachers are: Sieger Kooij with his own YouTube channel ‘Chemistry lessons’ (which has millions of hits) and Rob van Bakel (MrvanBakel) (Physics) with ‘Flipping the classroom.’Strong points and opportunities:- The website shows compact and inspiring short educational videos, which prove to be popular (based on number of hits of the different YouTube videos;
- It is very accessible: YouTube is free and simple.Limitations:There is no independent controlling system or institute who selects the videosAdded value with regards to the 3 topics of the MASS project:This can be also interesting for the working group ‘Low achievers in science’.Any prerequisites needed:- Internet connection
- Computer(s)
- Beamer
- Screen (or you can project it onto a white wall)