Climate Research Campaign: satellite data in climate change education
Working Group:Science through digital learningCountry:PolandLanguages:PolishAge of students (target group/s):13-14, 15-18Links, resources:
Contact person information:UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre
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The project was conducted in the frame of module C of the Climate Research Campaign, part of the GLOBE Program in Poland. Main goal of the project was to prepare lesson scenarios on climate change based on satellite data (for example available in European Space Agency School Atlas). All scenarios were tested with a group of students from schoos taking part in the activity. By implementation of each lesson plan, students were supposed to improve their main ICT competences (search for information, such as satellite data related to climate change, on the Internet). Use of information on climate changes acquired from space enabled students to easily understand phenomena of Earth’s atmosphere. They also got to know modern tools and techniques used in climate research.Strong points and opportunities:• The project was implemented in close cooperation with teachers who developed lesson scenarios and tested them with their own students – all educational materials are well adjusted to reality of Polish school (in the context of time, technical resources and curricula).
• Ready-to-use scenarios based on use of satellite data
• Attractiveness of the activities – students are motivated to learn by use of new tools
• Promotion of satellite data use – encouraging other educators to develop and enrich their own ways of teaching
• Teachers taking part in workshops were able to acquire new skills (searching and analyzing remote sensing data)Limitations:• Teachers need to acquire new knowledge and skills to use remote sensing data in the classroom (for instance by taking part in trainings, workshops, e-learning courses) – not only technical but also experts knowledge (what can I see in the picture? How to interpret it?)
• Most of information sources available in English (European/American Space Agencies) – some teachers may have problems using them.Added value with regards to the 3 topics of the MASS project:• Students use the Internet as a source of information (they learn how to search for information, verify and analyze it).
• New sources of information presented in lessons (satellite images) – not typically used in everyday life
• Teachers get to know methods of remote sensing analyzes (inspiration for future lessons)
• Scientific approach introduced into analyzes of a problem defined (identification of a background, causes and results of specific climate phenomena)Any prerequisites needed:• Fast Internet connection
• Adequate technical resources (computers, GPS devices, etc.)
• Teachers need to be trained in how to use satellite data as well as other ICT in education.