The MASS project and its results together with GLOBE will be a part of “An international perspective on STEM education” lecture and seminar series which has started this winter semester at the University of Cologne.

Several national and international experts in education will talk to students and train pre-service teachers on how to integrate MASS and GLOBE in science classes in schools. Every cycle will start with a lecture. During seminars and workshops students will work intensively on each topic. The lecture series will also provide opportunities to disseminate the MASS project and the results on an international level through contact with international experts.

Parts of the series dedicated to MASS are schedulded for January.  Dr. Astrid Hensel will firstly give a speech about MASS Best Practice Teaching Approaches in schools (January, 15) and then together with Prof. Dr. Karl Schneider they will provide MASS training (January, 23).

The full programe of the series can be downloaded in .pdf.