MASS Project team presented Project experience during the Annual Meeting of the Environmental Educators of Latvia August 5-6 in Malpils. 2 practical workshops were lead by teachers who adapted lesson plans in their classrooms.

Latvia workshop 4

Teacher Santa Briede from Amata Primary School presented her experience with weather measurements (WG3 lesson plan “What Will be Weather Today?”). All participant teachers made and tested their own weather instruments.

Latvia workshop 3

IMG 20160806 125548

Daiga Martinsone from Skriveri Secondary School and Anda Freimane from Mazzalve Primary school involved teachers in the practical work on modelling Oil pollution and cleaning it (WG3 Lesson Plan “Environmental Pollution: The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill”).

Latvia workshop 1

Latvia workshop 2

Finally teachers discussed about motivation of students to learn science.