MASS Project Meeting in Cyprus was organized in the frame of GLOBE Annual Meeting for Europe and Eurasia Cyprus, Paralimni, 29.4.- 4.5. 2014.

The main aim of this meeting was presentation of materials elaborated and delivered by partners/ coordinator. There were also discussed details of the organization of first MASS Open Conference which is planning on 26th – 28th November.

We look forward to the future meetings!


The first workshop took place on 24th – 25th February in Riga.

The main goal of first workshop was presentation of the first outcomes from research and the next steps. During the meeting, it was also suggested the direction for each working group. . It was the starting point for the development of the pilot version of the working groups products.

The agenda of Mid-Workshop included discussion and presentation sessions in each working group topic. Both the experts and followers exchanged their experience during the events, partly in closed sessions for each working group and partly in general sessions for all working groups.

There is also planned Mid-Workshop II (month 20), which will serve to share experience from the piloting stage. There will be time to suggest reframing of the pilot version of the working groups products and start with shaping it towards the final version.


The first meeting of all the members of the consortium took place on 25th – 27th November, shortly after the start of the project. The Management was working on establishing a detailed plan and guidelines for activities in each work package.

In terms of the project team, the main goal of this event was to make all the network partners ready to start with the tasks they are responsible for in the initial stage of the project.

Part of the meeting was dedicated to the negotiations in working groups. Working groups were established and each of them discussed research area, tasks and outcomes.

During the MASS Intro Partner Meeting we were mainly discussing about issue and criteria for the choice of good practices. Our discussion was really implacable. We gathered good deal of valuable comments and remarks.

The meeting was organized in Prague – capital of the Czech Republic and lasts 3 days.


It’s our great honour and pleasure to be able to inform that MASS Project started on 1st October.

The overall aim of the project is to identify and disseminate best practises in the use of attractive and effective tools and methods of teaching science at the classroom level. We want to increase the number of educators who will be confident and successful in teaching science topics in the sense that they will make them more relevant and accessible to students.

In the initial phase of the project, the Management team will work on developing Quality Assurance Plan that will serve as the main reference point for the project evaluation. The plan will be revised according to the actual needs of the project implementation. Special sessions will be dedicated to the evaluation of the project activities and potential revision of the plan during the Collaborative and Evaluation Partner Meeting each year.